eToro 🐃

eToro, the first of the social trading platforms which started in the CFD and FX space, these days their offering has expanded, with notable strides with cryptocurrency.

They currently offer “completely” free trading for UK equities, by paying off stamp duty on transactions.

While eToro is unable to shake it’s CFD past, that doesn’t stop their expansion plans.

Their latest acquisition now allows them to enter the debit card space. The main benefit it brings is having a card/account where everything happens, meaning “instant” access to money for both investing and withdrawing.

Cash savings and holistic money management have been the gold standards in investment for some time, but it’s not an easy mountain to climb and it’s even harder to build the trust that comes with completely controlling someone’s access to money.

Time will tell if eToro will lead the charge.

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Does anyone have any feedback on eToro at all? In particular, those who have used Trading212. I’ve taken a brief look at it but would love some insight :slight_smile: