Dyson scraps £2.5bn electric car project

Dyson’s a private company but quite interesting that they haven’t managed to make this work, given their history of innovation. Having said that, electric cars are largely a software challenge which is / was outside their area of expertise. So perhaps this isn’t too surprising or a bad sign for Tesla or Apple.


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So I guess he relocated to the Far East for nothing? :grin:


Intrigued to know where the failure is. Dyson’s hardware is one of the best in consumer electronics industry.

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Let’s hope Jim Rathcliffe doesn’t go the same way with his reinvention of the old style Landrover Discovery in Wales.

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I was glad their ventilator wasn’t needed but I was super excited by their innovation and progress to bring something to market.

Does anyone else think they could spin into medical equipment and compete with the big guys?