Dog-walking startup Wag has reportedly struggled since taking $300 million from SoftBank last year

Following on from the WeWork drama & the uncertainty around Uber, stories like this make me wonder how much of an impact SoftBank’s outsized investments are having on the fundraising market in general. If there’s a bubble in tech right now then it’s looking increasingly likely to me that SoftBank’s at the centre of it.

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Yikes. That’s way too much money for that sort of business unless I’m missing something obvious.

Talking of dog walkers, here’s a picture of New York’s first professional dog walker who didn’t need that much to make it a job from the New York Times. Without further ado, Jim Buck, Who Made Walking Dogs a Job



So SoftBank’s announcing ‘stricter’ governance standards now but is this shutting the barn door after the horse has bolted?

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