Daily top 3, insights, and interesting charts

Hello everyone, :wave:

I wanted to get a feeling for how you feel about the daily Genuine Impact Top 3, and our new Interesting Charts features.

Within the app every (working) day will be a top 3 insight put together by us, this picks three interesting insights, gives a quick summary, and then some connected stocks or funds. This is also available on our Medium blog, thought we will be moving this into the forum soon as well :tada:

We have also introduced our #interesting-charts which is a collection of great chats we think you’ll love! We post these in it’s own category here on the forum but it’s also available within the app too.

So what do we want to know? :thinking:

How useful have you found the top 3/charts? What, if any, changes would you want to see? We have experimented with a few different versions so it’ll be great to hear what works for you.

We also have some other ideas for what to do in the future and they will be posted in the #feedback-ideas section for you to comment on.

Let us know what you love :love_letter: what is interesting :bulb: and tell us what is useful :ear:

Let me know your thoughts!


Well done on recognising the need to create high quality content - I wonder if these daily updates can be leveraged to improve user engagement, either by app notification or by e-mail.


Both are on the cards (emails and in-app push notifications.)

I’m keen to figure out the balance between how frequently we send out notifications and what the user wants. I would want us to have a customisation system for what types of alerts you want, as well as how.

The top three originally started as an email subscription before we moved it inside the app, maybe there is a balance to be found there! Either way we’ll keep experimenting! :test_tube:


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Any preference of which one for you and how frequent you’d like to have them?

Given your app-first approach I would suggest daily push notifications


Thanks! Push notification for us is a “could” rather than a “must” feature for the next 6 months, just to better prioritise where to spend time and money. It’s not the most straightforward thing to build and it’s not a substantial differentiation. But we will definitely have it some day, just not an immediate feature we will ship out.