Curve are crowdfunding on Crowdcube

Having raised $55m in funding last month, Curve’s planning a new crowdfunding round, ahead of their European expansion.

They plan to launch in France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Spain by the end of this year. Then begin US operations in the US by the middle of next year.

I still haven’t found a reason to use Curve personally but I expect this’ll be a popular campaign :smile:

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every company that got backing by a VC and immediately raised from the crowd afterwards has been a successful campaign

what’s the value-add of a Curve card anyway? Never came across them before

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You can add all your bank and credit cards to curve so you only have to carry 1 card.
After you’ve made a transaction you can change which card linked to your curve card the payment comes from.
Curve offers 1% cash back and if you use a cash back card with your Curve card you get cash back from that linked card
£500 free foreign ATM use and some credit cards don’t recognise ATM withdrawals as cash transaction if used via Curve

Not something I’m remotely interested in using or investing in

They were taking legal action against Amex for refusing to allow their cards to be used with the Curve card, not sure what’s happening with that now


Seems these two points are their main value-add to customers, especially the first one?

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Crowdfunding makes sense from their perspective - it’s really mostly a PR and marketing exercises.

But from an investor’s perspective? High valuation, no EIS/SEIS at that stage, so no tax relief I and CGT on any gains. I’ll pass.


Our crowdfunding overlapped with Nutmeg for a few days so I paid some attention to their pitch. They did, in my opinion, poorly at answering investors’ questions. Hope Curve will do better on their discussion board.

So the campaign is going live, with early access for investors who registered their interest in advance in just over an hour (at 10am). It looks like they’re trying to crash the website -

Will you be investing?

  • Yes
  • No

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It looks like the website’s still up but the round’s going well, 20 minutes in -


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How much of that was institutional investors that had already agreed to fund?

Unfortunately you can’t believe these amount raised figures most of the time

The largest individual investment was 25k so it looks like this was mostly from the crowd.

Nice to see them complete the whole round in private mode too which means it was only their customer’s investing - or that’s the theory anyway was not the hardest URL to guess :slightly_smiling_face:

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I just can’t see a reason to invest in them or use them

Just got an update about the crowdfunding round -

  • Fastest time to raise £1m (it took five minutes)
  • Highest number of investments per minute (they received 254 investments per minute in their opening 10 minutes)
  • Fastest time to raise £4m (42 minutes)
  • The fastest company to raise £6m with us (five hours)
  • The highest number of investors (they gained a total of 9,591)

Some fascinating stats from Curve and the power of community.

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Slightly questionable stats as Freetrade raised £1m in 77 seconds (if you only count the time that Crowdcube’s website was up) and Monzo raised £16m in an hour and had 36,006 investors (33,549 new), in their last round which used Crowdcube’s platform, although not their site.

But still very impressive!