Companies you wouldn’t consider

Are there any companies that while a good investment, for personal reasons you would choose not to invest?

I’ve been very anti oil for a long time but it can be hard to weigh investment goals against personal mindset. A similar thing could be said about some fashion firms whom have used child labour.

hey there.

Surely it’s gotta be things Travel related. The bigger travel equities IAG, EZY might see out this storm, but others like TUI, Jet2 - could be years before they return to full growth.

Whereas with oil and energy, their growth could bounce back immediately as the world gets on top of the pandemic.

Just my pennies worth.

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Hey @StockTricks and welcome to the community. I was hoping to understand more companies you personally didn’t want to invest in for reasons outside of performance. E.g. you a certain sector you disagree with or area of controversy. :slight_smile:

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Hey Jase,

Thanks for the reply, I get the question now…And it’s actually a tough one when you think about it.

Personally i don’t particularly have any strong reasons why I wouldn’t invest in a particular company. (I have my tough Gordon Gecko/Jordan Belfort hat on when it comes to investing :dollar: :heavy_dollar_sign: :dollar:). But when you think about it, theres a ‘mindful’ ethical answer, and an actual ‘reality check’ answer.

Myself, and a lot of my friends have the mindful ethical answer (as I’m sure a lot of us would agree) that they would never invest in gun stocks or firearms. But the reality soon becomes clear when I point out to them that they are invested in an S&P500 Index tracker - which contains Sturm Ruger, Smith & Wesson and BAE systems (cluster bombs).

So it’s an interesting one.

Some people wouldn’t invest in Cannabis stocks (both for performance and because of controversy reasons). And probably companies that practice assisted suicide for terminal Illness is another dodgy area.

Anyhow, it’s a good question. Are they any companies you wouldn’t consider?


Despite my views growing up, I have invested in oil but want to pull out of it without much profit.

I however largely support defence companies and hope to see more of these on investment platforms when they can sort out the requirements that restrict this.

While I am all for avoiding companies using child labour, I just find this so difficult these days. You could be all in with something and suddenly a story comes out about some remote factory somewhere.

Fracking - I think that’s certainly an area I wish to avoid but I will come clean, I honestly couldn’t tell you if any of the energy or resource companies I have invested in, do or do not use fracking as a method. I need to do even more research I think :thinking: