Cloudflare IPO ☁

Cloudflare are going public today. The only times I’ve heard about Cloudflare have been when their outages took down what seemed like half the internet and when they stopped providing their services to 8Chan, after the El Paso shootings.

But at the same time, they’re practically a utility now, given how vital their services are and how many websites depend on them, which must give them a lot of bargaining power.

Is anyone planning to invest once the shares are available?

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Definitely one I will be looking into more but they might have some challenges to come :grimacing:

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I am a big fan of Cloudflare, I’ve been following these guys since the Project Honey Pot days.

In terms of what they offer from a technical standpoint, it is incredible. If you think back to the days when Microsoft were pushing innovation in the online world (yes, there was a time they did that! :older_man:) I see a lot of the same innovation and drive from the Cloudflare team.

It’s rare to see a business I believe is having a truly good impact on the world and will drive forward technology.

They have collected some bad press as they offer a free service which is very much a “turn it on and it just works” type of solution. It’s not surprising they haven’t been keeping as close an eye on the free customers as they should have.

I’m confident in their management to put in place meaningful changes to stop the issue from happening again. There is potential for fine which will damage the share price in the short term, but I expect this to be priced in at this point (even through they are up post IPO.)

Why do I have so much faith in this company? (Note, I haven’t invested yet, do plan to but waiting for the IPO noise to quieten down.)

I see them fighting in a niche area of offering against AWS (Amazon Web Services, yes that Amazon), Azure (Microsoft’s version), and Google Cloud (Google’s version) and they are making a difference. They have very much planed themselves in a central part of the fundamentals around how the internet works. The fact the major technology companies come to Cloudflare and they sit in the same committees speaks volumes about their expertise.

Most importantly of all, it’s their level of openness and commitment to transparency that gives me hope they will always put the customers and great good of the internet first.

Details of the Cloudflare outage on July 2, 2019
And the terminating 8chan post @alexs linked above.

They have a strong offering and they are well respected. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cloudflare is an extremely attractive acquisition target for many of the large internet companies of the world.