Cash App testing free stock trading

This would be big news if they roll it out, which I expect they will. Cash App already has a large audience of bitcoin ‘investors’ and they’re growing even faster than Robinhood.

The app’s also available in the UK although it’s less popular because it’s instant payment transfers aren’t as desperately needed here.

Free investing is becoming the new normal pretty fast..

Jack Dorsey’s Square Is Testing a New Free Stock Trading Service - Bloomberg


Increasingly an utility if not commodity I feel about commission free trading.

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Agree, it will be about first mover advantage and brand recognition in most countries. Zero-fee commission only works at scale, so each country probably can only accommodate very few brokers.


Will be interesting to see where Revolut and Cash App fit into the market as trading isn’t their only revenue stream

First mover advantage vs a large existing user base

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There’s a bit of a trend towards investing (or at least trading) becoming a feature rather than a standalone business. Dozens are already trying to combine lending, saving and investing too. Do you think the division between challenger bank and challenger broker will carry on?

It looks like it’s rolling out :boom:

Testing’s finished :partying_face:

I came across a good thread on twitter pointing out some of the issues with their offering at the moment though:

  • No funds yet
  • Overly simplistic marketing

“That makes buying a stock a lot like buying an entire business, which is why you should only invest in what you know as well as a cat knows cardboard boxes.”

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