Can big investors save the world?

Meh. Anything for the greater good will be labelled as “socialist” in the USA. Affordable healthcare? Socialist! Affordable education? Socialist! Sensible human rights? Socialist!

It’s like these days anyone who disagrees with someone of a different race, is at risk of being labelled a “racist” even though skin colour has nothing to do with the debate. Or comparing someone to Hitler in a debate.

It’s the equivalent of an atomic bomb when you run out of of arguments.


This could be quite impactful - Salesforce are rolling out a tool that enables companies to track their impact on the environment (energy use + carbon emissions) & third parties can be given access to the data to audit it too. If enough companies adopted this (& Salesforce has a lot of clients), then maybe this could be a new measurement to use for ESG ratings?

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The FT has a long but good piece today about what works & what doesn’t, when investing to try to help the environment.

(paywall but you can Google the title & click through from the results to get around it)

Tackling climate change - an investor’s guide - FT

Green bonds sound interesting, has anyone looked into those?

I’ve also just seen this story from the FT a few days ago. It’s good to see the ratings agencies giving ESG ratings more attention, now that ESG’s becoming more popular. Hopefully that means they’ll improve the quality of the scores too.

Credit rating agencies join battle for ESG supremacy - FT

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