BUX have been around since 2014 but until recently, they’d only offered CFDs as BUX X. That’s changing now though, with the launch of their BUX Zero service, which enables users to invest in the stock market directly. They have over 100k people on the waitlist for the BUX Zero service.

They’re a little bit behind some of the stockbrokers in the UK, in terms of launching but they already have a presence in 9 European countries; the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, France, UK, Spain, Italy, Sweden, and Denmark.

A new interview’s just come out with their CEO today which includes details the fees that they’re planning to charge for BUX Zero.

BUX Zero currently offers Market Orders and Limit Orders. Both order types are available commission-free until the end of this year. Next year, BUX Zero will introduce a third order type, the “Basic Order,” which will be commission-free forever. When users select this option, their orders will be executed at a fixed time, once a day. With the introduction of Basic Orders, BUX will start charging the rates below for other order types:

Basic Order: Free

Market Order: €1

Limit Order: €2

So it looks like they’ll be quite competitive with the challenger stockbrokers like Freetrade. So it might not be a coincidence that the design of the app and their branding is pretty similar in some ways :eyes:

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BUX has always focused on the European market and their offering in the UK was never pushed like in other countries.

I remember five years ago looking at BUX and not understanding why they weren’t taking a bigger slice in terms of market share. They had what was for the time an extremely innovative product but it wasn’t that popular or well known (in the UK.)

Even in terms of CFD providers, 212 and IG dominated and they were left out the conversation. Their existing product is very heavy on the social side, think more eToro than IG. I wouldn’t be surprised if they carry on this trend with Zero.

BUX can easily be the first big mover for zero commission trading in the EU. The fact they based in the Netherlands and they live and breath Europe will give them an edge. I suspect BUX will be a thorn in the side for the other app based brokers hoping to enter the EU.

Worst case, BUX can transition into B2B2C, and white label their solution to other firms. They have experience in the B2B world and they could open the flood gates to anyone having an app only commission free broker.


Fairly minor addition to BUX’s app -