Bug: Portfolio Blank

Since the last update (version 2.20.0) on iPhone 12 Pro (iOS 14.4) when clicking to view into my portfolio, the screen is just blank.

Thanks for raising this. We’re aware of this issue, it’s due to that some funds are failing the ‘Breakdowns’ calculation.

We’re currently working to fix this. Will provide an update as soon as we make progress.

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Hi @Truman_Du with the latest update, the portfolio loads, albeit slow, but it’s extremely buggy.

To go into a specific portfolio takes forever and then it’s very sticky in terms of navigation will be stuck until it works suddenly. You can’t favourite any holdings easily (takes a few taps to star it) or view any holdings (portfolio or star holdings) from this screen.

Clicking any other tab (home, discover, insights, guide) doesn’t work when switching back to the app in portfolio mode.

PS: I love the important dates feature! Super helpful. Would be great to filter this e.g to only show dividend dates, or earnings notification.

Would you mind writing to me in the chat inside the app? You can find it at the bottom of the Home tab.

It may relate to your specific portfolios so it’d be easier to ask for information over there.

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Hi Truman, with the update today (version 2.22.0) the speed of the portfolio has improved a lot. Navigation isn’t nearly as sticky (still minor jitter but not much). :slight_smile:

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Think I got the same issue - portfolio page appears to be blank!

Would you mind getting in touch with the in-app chat function? We will need to get your user info because we’ve found this issue is rather user specific due to what holdings you have in your portfolios.

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