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Sadly 787 production has slowed due to the coronavirus pandemic. A number of key factories have been closed, and depending on the spread more may have to shutdown outside the US as well.

However, this has not dampened Boeing’s mile high ambitions. There space craft testing is still moving ahead and showing promise after a disappointing first trial.

These are tough times for everyone, and aviation is feeling the burn, however have Boeing got enough business line diversification and long term commitments to fend off the bears?

Not the most profitable company, and expected to encounter more issues, they still pilot an incredibly strong balance sheet and always keep their shareholders in fair weather. However, there are storm clouds on the horizon according to the expert analysts, an extremely poor momentum score shows no one is expecting an easy landing.

The combination of a strong balance sheet, but a less than sunny outlook, means the market isn’t taking a strong view when it comes to value. It appears to be a company that will last through any turbulence, but the clear skies could be in the distant future.

Interested to hear your thoughts and news on Boeing. A stock you are looking to pickup, or something on the watchlist for after the pandemic?

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Too big too fail it seems, so may be an interesting option but their stock has rallied massively recently and I don’t know how far away they are from their ATH and if there’s any legs left.

Is too big to fail the perfect fit for a long term investment? It depends on what flavour of investment you like, do you want a bit more excitement and upside potential, or a slow and reliable beast?

That said, I’m not sure if Boeing can be considered reliable, but they are a loved corporate by the American Elite. We often see in the news countries defending their own aerospace firms, and Beoing knows how to embed itself.

The biggest downside I see if the defence aspect of Boeing. Making explosives and missiles will rule them out of ethical portfolios. However, that has been the case for some time already.

Sorry, should have clarified. I personally don’t see Boeing as an interesting long term investing, but I am not so much a value and more a growth investor. Just can’t see much in them in the foreseeable future with airlines hit so hard, and thus I suspect demand for new planes will be pretty low.

I would perhaps consider them for a short-term punt if I would think they got enough upside left. They probably do, but I think there are more interesting short-term options out there.

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I bought Boeing at £85 a stock - so under $100 at the time. I felt like you, it was too big to fail.

I’ve bought Airbus too. They just feel like instant wins.


A quick 6 month chart thanks to Google.

A big loss in value, which depending on your view is an opportunity or a warning sign.

They also have a new CEO which I forgot to mention. Dave Calhoun appointed on 13th of Jan 2020. A rough time to take over the reins.

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Looks like the factory is due to reopen in a week, but production on the fabled 737 will be restarting just yet.

Still a promising step for them getting back to normal. Some production will be returning to normal.

Bail outs and government assistance is a hot topic right now.

“Our industry will need the government’s support, which will be critical to ensuring access to credit markets and likely take the form of loans versus outright grants,” Boeing chief executive Dave Calhoun told employees in a letter seen by Reuters.

However, this isn’t a statement Boeing are willing to have officially repeated.

A Boeing spokesman declined to say whether the company would seek government assistance.

The thin line between politics and finance have contuined to blur in these times.

“Boeing has not asked for aid yet but I think they probably will,” Trump said last week. “We can’t let anything happen to Boeing.”

Either way, interesting to see what this announcement does for Boeing’s outlook.

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Took out a Put option on Boeing.

Their earnings report will come out on Wednesday and it won’t be pretty with a massive global slump in demand and their planned restart of 737 production in July seems near impossible.

My first proper option. :pray:t2:

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Criminal probe will be launched into into 737 production issues, stock still goes up. Madness. :exploding_head:

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Potential new orders coming in.

Also, they are announcing their quarterly results today.

It’s going to be a spicy time for the stock this week! Be interesting to see how to market reacts to so many different announcements in one go.

The tone of the quarterly update will hopefully give investors a steer.

The analyst predictions for cuts were accurate.

Interesting they are avoiding the government taking equity in their business (by accepting bailout covertable loans.)

Yet 4% up in pre market trading. Nothing makes sense anymore.

There goes my option premium. :sob:

Potentially this will have knock on effects to Boeing as well. Though less than their existing issues!

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