Beyond Meat launching burger with McDonalds 🌱

This doesn’t surprise me much to be honest, McDonalds are always pretty forward thinking - I’m more surprised that Burger King beat them to it here.

HL has some good analysis of this too -

  • McDonald’s CEO questioned this year whether plant-based meat was “worth embracing” at scale, given the risk of it being a fad and the added complexity for its kitchens.

  • Analysts Jefferies estimated Beyond Meat could generate an extra $ 48 million in sales if it captured just 1% of McDonald’s annual US beef sales, and $285 million if it snagged a 6% share.

  • Rival Impossible Foods has struggled to meet demand, meaning it might struggle to satisfy McDonald’s supply needs.

  • Burger King launched Impossible Whoppers nationwide, piling pressure on McDonald’s to match its archrival.

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Put it on a grill that hasn’t had meat on. It’s not really that complex…

I’d definitely try one at McDonalds

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My first thought is that this would be margin-dilutive assuming pricing will be broadly in line with other burgers


But potential revenue uplift at the same time?

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