Atom launches app

Clearly aimed at a different audience then you guys, but interesting nevertheless.


It’s a stylish app :new_moon:

But yes it looks like they’re designing a service for frequent traders, rather than long term investors. The other main difference from us right now is that they’re providing information and data, whereas we’re going a step further and turning data into analysis and insights.


How so?
I am an early investor in Genuine Impact and I feel features of Atom Finance are great enough to create a direct competitor to GI.
The interface design and navigation, user-friendly selection of stocks window and access to related news are pretty awesome.
I’m currently testing the Beta version of GI and I was actually very disappointed by the design and the feed-back process which basically consisted in my interlocutor telling me “ No we can’t design this or implement this because we have to work on this other thing and it will delay the app” like a recurrent shut down.
I hope to be positively surprised in the future .
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Not really. It’s not enough of a differentiating feature to dismiss Atom finance. They can quickly launch some quantitative scores based on factors similar to GI and be a threat.
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It’s great to hear that you find their app useful too!

To clarify the comment about your request, as a small team with limited resources we have to prioritise. It turns out we’re building a solution to the problem you had but just in a slightly different form than you’d suggested. We’re hard at work on that now.

That wasn’t a generic response that we give to all feedback either by the way, if you have any more ideas, we’d love to hear them.

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Thanks Alex.
I am very interested in providing more feed-back indeed.
When clicking on ALL under Stocks Collections or Fund collections, it would be great to be directed to a page where I can see more bubbles, rather than the full list of stocks or funds through which I have to scroll down.

Now when clicking through a bubble, It would be useful to have a ranking table allowing to see at list 25/50 names without scrolling down. I believe this is achievable by optimising fonts and size of characters. For example, the circles around the stock name are good visuals but take a lot of space for marginal benefits as I already have access to the numbers for Quality, Value and Momentum. The benefit of the table is that I would be able to filter/rank my stock list across the 3 scores.

Please let me know your thoughts.
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This really useful, thanks.

The purpose of the ALL button is to show the complete list of stocks or funds in our universe, which would generally be a good starting point if you’re planning to filter the list down from there. When you say you’d like to see more bubbles on that page, is that because there aren’t enough collections on the first page or just because the list is too long?

We’ll definitely revisit the design of the results pages, to enable you to see more securities. It’s a bit too early to say exactly what form the changes take so watch this space.

Lastly the good news is that you can filter and sort the results already, by tapping the :arrow_down_small: icon in the top right hand corner of the screen. We’ll add more sort options later too. The fact that you hadn’t spotted this is good food for thought too :thought_balloon:

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