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Apple’s big product event is today at 6pm, streaming live on YouTube for the first time as well, as well as their website.

This is the moment on truth for Netflix, Amazon Prime etc as they’ll be sharing some more details about their new streaming service. Or not, if you don’t believe that they have ambitions to become the next Netflix.

I know there’s been a lot of leaks about the new phone etc. already so please use the [spoiler] some text [/spoiler] feature if you want to share them sooner :raised_hands:

I got an iPhone X and have had the latest iPhone for years and years. However, I am getting increasingly put off by them.

The prices are ridiculous, the innovation is marginal and the bolt-on services I don’t use as I prefer alternatives elsewhere.

If it wasn’t for the US banning Huawei from using Google apps, I would seriously considering getting one of those next time around. Similar power and functionality at a fraction of the cost.

Several other people have told me that sort of thing too. I guess I’m the customer that’s still their target market because I’m a big Apple fan and I’ll be getting the new Pro regardless because in my opinion, the iPhone is the best product on the market. The key selling points for me for this phone are the big improvements to the camera, the battery life and also, faster Face ID (although that’s just a marginal gain).

As you say, there’s no question that the innovation’s slowing and I’m not sure whether they’re going to be able to sustain these prices in the future.
They’re obviously laying the foundation for AR based (glasses?) but maybe VR too, which would be the next platform. I find it hard to imagine Apple Car but that would obviously be a huge deal.
While in the meantime, services like Apple Card and the subscription services are marketing that drive hardware sales and retention. But I don’t think that’ll keep them going forever.

I won’t buy the new iPhone because of Apple TV Plus but I’m wondering whether I’ll get the free year if I buy it from EE. If not, I’d be very tempted to buy it from Apple directly instead.

I don’t think the other streaming services are going to have any concerns after yesterday, See looks good but I can’t see Apple creating enough unique content to cause people to ditch other services in favour of theirs.

I’m disappointed that it won’t support 5G though.

They’ve already lost some potential customers

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I bet you that you can find a comparable or better camera on a mobile phone for much lower cost, and it’s probably been out for a year or so. Battery life is a moot point, after Apple effectively admitted slowing their products down intentionally in a malicious case of obsolescence by intent.

They also lock you mostly into Apple retailers for batter replacements, although recently they started being a bit more flexible. If anything, the battery life on Apple is horrendous compared to other products.

It may be the best overall package, but at what cost? The cost is astronomical- can buy a really good laptop for that and in reality the vast majority of people will only use a fraction of its power. Yes, a Ferrari may be the best car out there, but how many people will really use it’s full potential.

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Huawei is catching up fast

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Here’s a great summary of Apple’s positioning right now from Benedict Evans.

He’s a little bit perplexed by Apple TV+ but thinks Apple are doing well overall.

An interesting piece on the number of AI companies Apple has been buying up lately.

If we think about Apple’s products and bigger ventures, AI is becoming a larger part of Apple. From voice assistants, to driverless cars, even music suggestions and new app recommendations, more meaningful personalisation is key to greater user engagement.

While other companies have had a strong foot in the door of AI and made a point of buying and funding the most successful, we don’t hear too much from the Apple AI divisions.

That said we can clearly see the impact on their products and we know AI is present and strong at Apple.

The double edge sword of Apple means everything is simply “Apple” but at the same time it does mean your more exciting or groundbreaking developments stay in stealth for longer.

I’m keen to see what AI innovations we see from Apple in the future!

Apple has seen a fantastic Q3 announcement.

A 5% increase is a notable increase for a company of Apple’s size and liquidity. As always Apple’s plan to increase it’s services revenue is on track.

This is a pretty incredible milestone! I still remember when everyone was doubting Apple could continue their success after Tim Cook took over because they were afraid that Apple wouldn’t be able to innovate anymore.