App update - Faster portfolio

Nice to see speed increase when loading the app and the list of portfolios. Sadly the portfolio individual view becomes unresponsive still with just under 50 items in a portfolio.

I don’t think it’s fair to say this is a large portfolio, given users will either use portfolios on GI to store the stocks by provider e.g. “My Freetrade Portfolio”, or they will mirror their pie from Trading 212 which allows up to 50 stocks in a pie.

The latter is what I do and when loading the portfolio, it can be unresponsive after a few seconds (scrolling down the view). The lack of response can last from anything short such as 3 seconds to so long (> 15 seconds) that it’s easier to force close the app.

I’m using an iPhone 12 Pro so this is unlikely due to device performance.

Do you experience the same when you have a smaller portfolio @jase?

When the size is more than 30 holdings, the performance starts to drop. We will improve it further for larger portfolio sizes.

Yes, for smaller portfolios it is fine but I wonder if I just split my 50 item portfolios into 2 x 25 item portfolios (I have 5 x 50 item portfolios) if that will negate the speed improvements and slow things down just as much.

I may give it a try if I can but first I would love to see the important dates referencing old portfolios fixed first otherwise that functionality will become even messier :wink:

Thanks @Truman_Du