Alpha Swap

Sort of crowd sourcing of investment ideas: “ Share and Vote for the best Investment Ideas and get paid, according to their performance.”

Intriguing idea.


Very interesting. Like sumzero but not exclusive only to investment professionals

Seems web based only now. Just signed up and under review.

That sounds like a terrible idea

There are some people who are self proclaimed experts and can produce all kinds of links and data to back up their arguements. It’s just going to be the best sales person


From their website, they have some systems in place to avoid what you said.


Has anyone managed to sign up? Just tried to register and been told that my “application” is being reviewed…


I have. It takes about one working day for me to get approved.

Any early thoughts? Haven’t applied yet myself.

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Will go through it properly later. On first glance, like a tipster site but the research is more in depth than most of the tipster forums like ii and advfn.

So my application has been approved although I’m not entirely sure on what basis…

I used to do this for company called Sharpe who paid in Ethereum. Sadly, it folded in March.


I just got approved and will look at it indepth

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What did you all make of Alpha Swap in the end? I doubt I would be approved but looks interesting.

I still read their weekly summary/update but haven’t come across an actionable or compelling idea from them yet

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Thank you Gary.