[added] FreeTrade stock universe collection

I saw you have the FreeTrade universe for funds in the app, could you do the same for stocks? One of the major bugbears is to filter for stocks in GI and then constantly swap back to FreeTrade to see if it’s in their universe, back again, as infinitum.

Thanks for requesting this. We haven’t added a Collection for Freetrade stocks yet because we’d need to do some work on the app first, whereas we were able to use a workaround to set the Collection up for funds. It’s really useful to hear what you’re doing as a workaround in the meantime too!

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An API is on their roadmap, that may be an easy way to set up a filter. It would be amazing if I could setup a filter and search, for example, for high momentum stocks in the FreeTrade universe.


Good suggestion!

In case you haven’t realised, you can do this sort of thing for Freetrade’s fund universe.

See below top right corner. You can select the Freetrade universe inside Fund Collections, and then sort the results by their Fee rank, as an example.

You can also sort them by Return rank or Risk rank if you like. If you want even more, you can sort by the average of Return rank and Fee rank, for instance.


I realise you can do it fo their funds, what I am after is that you can filter their stocks.


We’ve just added collections for Freetrade stocks (along with stocks & funds from the Revolut + Trading 212 universes) to the app :rocket: