5G AND THE IoT: How the next generation of wireless technology will transform the IoT; Bitcoin and Gold Are Monuments To Irrationality

  • As 5G networks become a reality in 2019 and 2020, the new standard will further increase the appeal of cellular solutions in the areas where it’s available
  • However, in some cases, it might not be among the best cellular solutions
  • Companies offering IoT solutions need to look at 5G as a tool in their arsenal; the thing they need to figure out is when they can build solutions that amplify its strengths and mitigate its weaknesses

  • Investors are turning to both assets amid market uncertainty, but digital currency is a strange idea of a haven and the metal’s track record is patchy
  • In 2018, Bitcoin lost almost two-thirds of its worth after a 15-fold price jump the year before. There’s no guarantee that the 220% price rise in 2019 won’t unravel
  • Gold prices depend on human psychology and herd-like investment behavior. The yellow metal’s prices hit a record of about $1,900 in 2011 but fell soon after despite market expectations of a longer boom driven by the first waves of monetary easing