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Introducing “Interesting Charts”

Hi all, We are introducing our new mini feature today: Interesting Charts. Everyday we read through a lot of interesting charts and highlight the most relevant ones about investing for you. Check them out now inside “…

2 22 July 2019
Deforestation in the Amazon may soon begin to feed on itself 1 20 August 2019
Investors Rush Into Havens as Growth Fears Persist 1 20 August 2019
If Negative Yields Are a Drug, Europe Is Just Saying "More" 1 20 August 2019
The market's biggest investors just traded like they did in 2007 1 20 August 2019
Punishing Ireland’s economy will backfire on Brexiters 1 20 August 2019
U.S. Shoppers Splurge in Face of Global Headwinds 1 19 August 2019
Plunging peso hits ordinary Argentines hard 1 19 August 2019
Hong Kong's market rout intensifies alongside protests 1 19 August 2019
Violence in Afghanistan last year was worse than in Syria 1 19 August 2019
Trump’s Oil Sanctions Leave Russian Exporters $1 Billion Richer 1 19 August 2019
Negative yields: Charting the surge in sliding rates; High internet use and state support help countries ditch cash 1 15 August 2019
Uber moves into grocery and convenience-store deliveries 1 15 August 2019
It Is Tricky Finding Safety From a Market Storm; Now It’s Trump’s Fault That Putin’s Economy Just Won’t Grow; 1 15 August 2019
America’s social-media addiction is getting worse; No end to crisis in sight as drought grips India’s Chennai 1 15 August 2019
The Turn in the Yield Curve; When Women Bring Home a Bigger Slice of the Bacon 1 15 August 2019
The Market Has Already Downgraded South Africa to Junk; Short bets against sterling rise to highest in more than two years 1 15 August 2019
5G AND THE IoT: How the next generation of wireless technology will transform the IoT; Bitcoin and Gold Are Monuments To Irrationality 1 15 August 2019
Yield Curves Invert in U.S., U.K. as ‘Doom and Gloom’ Spreads; U.S. Inflation Picks Up in July as Core Prices Strengthen 1 15 August 2019
Samsung Rolls Out Latest Galaxy Note 10 Smartphone; Silicon Valley’s giants look more entrenched than ever before; Asset Managers With $74 Trillion on Brink of Historic Shakeout 1 9 August 2019
Drought descends on London’s prime lettings market; Emerging-Market Stocks Correct Sharply as Trade Battle Flares 1 9 August 2019
Yield Curve Blares Loudest U.S. Recession Warning Since 2007; Asia Surprises With Cuts in Global Race to Monetary Bottom; U.S. Collected $63 Billion in Tariffs Through June 1 8 August 2019
Junk bond spreads widen by most in three years; Ever more countries are banning plastic bags 1 8 August 2019
Market Turmoil Pushes Japanese Bond Yield Below Preferred Range; Here's why the economy feels so bad when it sounds so good 1 8 August 2019
Climate change: how the jet stream is changing your weather; Feeling rich? Wealth is all relative 1 8 August 2019
A 'seismic change': Bank of America is doing $1 billion bond trades in minutes! Thai baht’s strength weighs on tourism and exports; US oil supplies face off against demand weakness 1 6 August 2019
Correlation of stocks and bonds for diversification? Higher Prices Drive Sales Growth for Restaurants, Food Makers 1 6 August 2019
Fed’s Conundrum: Can Lower Rates Combat Investment Chill; Germany’s Longest Bond Goes Negative for First Time 1 2 August 2019
Renminbi drops to 2019 low on trade war escalation; Cotswolds property market takes a dive 1 2 August 2019
Global Stocks Waver on Fed Policy Outlook; Testing 5G Across America. It’s Crazy Fast—and a Hot Mess 1 2 August 2019